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On-Site & Off-Site Trainings In:


We consult on different types of industry standard technologies that are used in computer security, information systems management, cyber security among others.

Information Systems

We consult on nitty gritty of information systems management for organizations. We treat each organization's need uniquely and proffer customized solution that is required for each. We don't have an off-the-shelf solution that fits all needs. This is one of our competitive edge in business. We leverage on our many years of experience to deliver delightful value to our clients and that makes them keep coming back.

Cyber Security and Computer Systems

We leverage on our vast experince specifically in the areas of security to give our clients the best value they well deserve.

Information Development and Application Support Design and Development.

We follow the software development life cycle to ensure that every application developed for our clients are bug-free at the time of delivery and wait to maintain it for a giving period of time before we finally sign-off on the projects.

Business Management Support and Improvement Services.

We consult on support services for your business such as outsourcing and insourcing so that you can best deliver high quality products and services while meeting your bottom line objectives.

Training and Development of Skills and Service to Include Information Technology.

We passionately give back to the society the many years of experience we have garnered over the years - holding nothing back so that upcoming young people can get up to speed and save many years of trial and errors.

Contracting and Service Support Operation.

We engage in the handling of contracts for both companies and the government, providing efficient an quality service for both.

Training in Banking Applications and Anti-Money Laundering Software.

This area of specialty is delivered with thoroughness so that students can understand standards, compliances, policies among others that will guide them in practice.

Training in Anti-Money Laundering.

This training cannot be over-emphasized. It is also thought with thoroughness.

Financial Management Advise.

We advice organizations on how to manage their finances based on corporate governance principles.

Credit Analysis and Foreign Exchange Examination Consultancy.

We consult financial institutions and governments on the Credit Analysis and Foreign Exchange Examination.