Who We Are

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Vision Statement

Mission Statement

We understand that the world has become a global village where people interact globally and depend on electronic media for interpersonal relationship and economic survival, we believe such  channel that bring people together and give them economic and social survival need to be protected to allow people to live and work unhindered through electronic medium, hence we create a medium to help companies and individual broaden their knowledge through the provision of training and empowerment that help them to survive the threat that the mediums that give them live is subjected to.

Our mission is to be one of the best companies with practical innovation on information technology and the safety of electronic assets, through the training and knowledge empowerment.

Team Lead

The team lead is a versatile Risked-based Examiner and auditor in financial System, Information Technology and Security Audit with full knowledge in Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financial Terrorism. He is a Certified Banker, Certified Computer Forensic Examiner, Ethical Hacker, Network Defense Architect, Certified Information Auditor, Certified Information Security Manager. He is also a Licensed Practicing banker and a retired Director of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

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